Antistatic Industries develops and manufactures anti-static paint and products which help create a static-safe environment.

In a world filled with valuable high-tech electronics, machinery and delicate instruments we have developed products to help eliminate static build-up which can damage equipment and injure workers. Every day our in-house research developers strive to maintain and create new anti-static products to serve the needs of business and industry.

Over the years, Antistatic Industries has become the leader of scientific conductive coatings. Our Static Paint® is being used around the world as the need for static elimination grows.

Industries We Serve

Aerospace, electronics assembly, manufacturing, computer, information technology, building and construction, education, retail, commercial, entertainment props and displays.

We supply a wide range of anti-static products including: water-based paints, coatings, nylon cable ties, strapping and conductive gloves; all with anti-static properties.

Performance and Value      

We understand the importance of combining performance and value. Our products perform at peak levels while maintaining
cost-effective measures.

Our Customers – Our Business Partners  

We consider our customers to be our business partners. We develop friendly and successful business relationships with all of our customers.  Our expertise in the static field enables us to offer professional technical support, product advice and on-time scheduling and delivery.

The Future is Bright

Our leading position in the marketplace and use of current technologies will help us grow and stay on the cutting edge of
static control and elimination.